Gold Sea Moss
Gold Sea Moss
Gold Sea Moss

Gold Sea Moss

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Our Sea Moss is wildcrafted, sun-dried and harvested from the pristine
coast of the Eastern Caribbean Sea, far away from any major ports or toxic
oceans. Our product is one of the purest and cleanest Sea Mosses
around the world GUARANTEED!!

Storage: Dry sea moss should be stored
in a cool, dry, and dark place for up to one year.
Uses: Sea moss is so versatile that it can be
consumed alone in its gel form or mixed into
smoothies, teas, coffees, desserts, soups, or stews.
It can also be used as a fast-acting topical gel on all types
of skin and hair conditions.
Recommended consumption: 2-4 tablespoons per day
1. Rinse thoroughly 3-4 times ensuring all sand, salt and debris
are removed
2. In a bowl, submerge sea moss with spring, distilled or alkaline water
for at least 12 hours Tip: Add some lime to neutralize the fresh ocean taste.
3. Rinse the sea moss again, then place it in a blender and add
water until the surface of the sea moss is just covered
4. Blend well until it becomes a smooth paste with the desired
5. Place in jar and refrigerate up to 3 weeks for optimal benefits
*Note: For processed gel, please refrigerate before consumption and keep refrigerated.